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New Wonderful World

On this website we want to bring

together the people who shape our new world.

Connecting and uniting awakened souls around the globe.

A helping hand to find each other, worldwide or in your own neighbourhood.


Do you have something to give, would you like to contribute, are you looking for support,

 for inspiration or to exchange, then you are most welcome to participate on this worldwide platform.


Assist us to establish places where we can come together, recover from the turmoil and start over to live happier and healthier. As well as to help you find your soul purpose so you can follow your dream and start your own humanitarian project.


Let us build green communities  that emerge in coexistence with nature and where we can have a peaceful and self-sufficient life. Share your ideas and knowledge and we connect you to others who hold the same vision.

Start your own Connect Love & Light community, recommend your friends and lightworkers, share your initiatives, contributions and abilities, connect and unite, make our communities grow and let us come together as One.


We offer you this platform to connect, share, inspire and help in any kind of way and you are

heartily invited to join us.

Let’s spread our Love and Light among us and create a

New and Wonderful World! 

Out of love and light we are here to set up a place where we can come together, connect, heal and create.

Creating (on-line) communities

Communities around the world, Recover & Restart Centra and green self-sufficient living communities



Hier wil je toch ook deel van uitmaken!

Our Goals

  Lightworkers of the New Earth

We want to bring all beautiful souls of

love and light together and to connect 

around the World.




Locations Worldwide

Here you will find the Countries and places where different groups and people are connecting.