Our Goals

One of our goals is to help people to connect worlwide and come together to build as One. 

Connecting to the many on-line platforms of other lightworkers like healers, readers, mediums,  etc. 

And a way to get in touch with people in your hometown to connect and build your own community . 

Building Recover & Restart centra all over the world. Places where we can come together to recover from the rollercoaster we all have been in the past years. 

A place to relax and heal, enjoy nature and teachings of companion lightworkers. 

To (re)discover your passion and what you would love to do to help build New Earth and humanity


Building eco-houses like earthships and tiny houses in a natural environment. 

Selfsufficient and independent with our own electricity, clean water and gardens. 

This is work in progress, more information will follow soon.